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Innovation in IT

In IT, too often, we are viewed as a cost, when we should be considered an investment.

Are you measuring ROI? We sure do talk about it a great deal. But when asked, few can point to the actual rate of return on their historical investments. This, as it should, create skeptical investors – which in your case as a CIO or IT Director, are the people that sponsor your projects.

That all said, IT as a cost center is an idea that needs to die. This presentation digs deeper into that idea, and presents a framework for finding those places where you can start finding strategic technology investments that you can make in your own company.

10 Commandments for CIOs in 2009

As we go into 2009 and start to wonder if there is any future for technology at all, it might not be a bad idea to first look remember that technology is one of the greatest generators of productivity known to man.  In an era where leverage is limited, and therefore you can’t simply accomplish earnings via leverage, increasing productivity starts to look more attractive.

In other words, in the coming years, sadly to say, the COO is going to matter a lot more than the CFO.

So what is the role of the CIO in all this?  Well, the CIO needs to be helping the COO build a leaner, meaner company.  This presentation is the first in a series that maps out a way for CIOs to help their companies succeed in this post-financial-apocalypse world.


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