I am Aaron Erickson – a technology writer, software developer, and consultant.  My life’s work is helping convert the best human capital into results for companies that empower both the knowledge workers who produce software, and the people in the companies whom we serve.

I frequently speak at events such as TechEd, VSLive, and .NET user groups – with a goal of furthering the exchange of ideas – be they technology contributions – or observations about the technology consulting business.

If you want to follow my most frequent updates, hit me up on twitter.com/AaronErickson.  I can be contacted at aaron {dot} c {dot} erickson {at} gmail.com


One thought on “About

  1. Tony Mora says:


    Just finished reading your book. I am considering a technology practice consulting role with a national firm. Having always been on the client side of consulting engagements, and leading technology projects, your experiences, insights and perspectives have been hugely helpful.

    The risk vs reward proposition as well as believing I am at a place in my career to make a decision to start a consulting career steered me to find your book.

    Thanks again

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