The Book

The Nomadic Developer: Surviving and Thriving in the World of Technology Consulting is available now.  The following will be the general content you should expect in the book:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Why consulting?

Chapter 3: The consultancy taxonomy

BOZO Consulting

Somewhat bumbling and conservative, yet makes a practice of selling dollars for eighty cents and expecting the consultants to pick up the slack. Nice people who, generally, are not going to go very far or expand beyond their core market.

FEAR Consulting

Manages consultants by fear – uses tactics that Machiavelli would blush at to keep consultants in line. Biology – that is – bathroom breaks go on your time report. You would leave, but your self-esteem is so low from working there, that you don’t.

… and so forth, you have seen these entries before… look for a dozen or so more :)

Chapter 4: The secret guide to how technology consulting works

Chapter 5: Getting in – secrets to what consulting firms look for

Chapter 6: What you need to ask before you join

Chapter 7: Surviving

Chapter 8: Thriving

Chapter 9: Some Typical Career Arcs for Technology Consultants

Chapter 10: The Payoff

Chapter 11: How to know it’s not for you

Chapter 12: Thoughts on Consulting from Real Consultants

Appendix A: Consultopia, the Worlds most Ideal Consulting Firm

Appendix B: A Consulting Lexicon

There will be a lot of detail most of which is more than one could communicate through a blog.  The goals were ambitious – this book will gives consultants the information they need to understand this business and navigate through the maze that is the many types of companies, clients, and bosses that comprise technology consulting.

The book not only features content from the author, but from other industry consultants and luminaries, including Ted Neward, David Chappelle, Michael Hugos, Jason Bock, Deborah Kurata, Bruce Eckel, Derik Whittaker, and Chris Williams – as well as a forward by Rockford Lhotka.


8 thoughts on “The Book

  1. tim siemon says:

    Great Book…. Thanks for writing it. As a consultang for over 18 years living in Chicago
    I would recommand this book to everyone either in the field or trying to break in to it.

  2. Just finished your book after attending PDC 2009 and enjoyed it very much. Full of practical advice and observations. Your structure is excellent, like the ‘seven deadly firms’ and ‘seven deadly sins’ of career limiting moves. I’ve seen many of these firms before, and committed some of the sins, and it’s nice to hear that so many others have. You offer honest observations of the profession’s realities and ‘sad truths’. The lexicon section is also very insightful. The book can remove the mystery for those new to the profession. Thanks for the honesty and insight. It’s an excellent work and I will highly recommend it. Great job!

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